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Payroll Service

How our managed payroll service works


Our payroll service provides you with a dedicated contact to manage and complete all payroll related tasks.


Each payroll run we will:


- Load all payroll input data, amendments and tax code changes onto the payroll system and will calculate any back pay and adjustments

- Check the payroll output for accuracy and verify accordingly

- Print payslips and produce management reports which are dispatched with any other payroll output for your internal distribution (We have the option for electronic payslips)

- Take over responsibility for liaison with HMRC for submission of year end data

- Respond to any payroll queries raised by your Payroll Contact

- Prepare all P45s, P60s, submit RTI files to HMRC, and answer all employee queries on P60s/P45s via your designated company payroll contact.


What you need to do:


Your only responsibility for the payroll operation is to nominate a Payroll Contact who acts as the point of communication between you and Clarke & Co's Payroll Services. Your Payroll Contact does not need to know anything about Payroll!


Your Payroll Contact just collates any amendments you may have to the payroll each run and sends them using agreed documentation to your contact at Clarke & Co.


For more information contact us on 01932 500 103